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Forty One

Select Bibliography and Further Reading

Although novels rarely conclude with a bibliography, some do provide further reading lists, so I decided to share with readers the books that influenced me as I wrote Forty One. Some of these works I read many times, while others I drew on only scantily for details, references or research. However big or small the contribution, I included the writings I think are most worthy of an interested reader’s time.

Adult Non-Fiction:

Applebaum, Anne, Iron Curtain, The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-56 (London, 2013)

Armstrong, Karen, The Case for God, (London, 2010)

Foley, Michael, The Age of Absurdity, Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to be Happy, (London, 2010)

James, Oliver, Affluenza, (London, 2007)

Lightman, Alan, The Accidental Universe, The World You Thought You Knew, (London, 2014)

Milosz, Czeslaw, To Begin Where I Am, (New York, 2001)

Pausch, Randy, The Last Lecture, (New York, 2008)

Perel, Esther, Mating in Captivity, Unlocking Erotic Intelligence (New York, 2006)

Peston, Robert, and Laurence Knight, How Do We Fix This Mess? The Economic Price of Having it All and the Route to Lasting Prosperity, (London, 2012)

Pirsig, Robert, Lila, An Inquiry into Morals (London, 1992)

Sartre, John Paul, Being and Nothingness, (New York, 1966)

Zamoyski, Adam, Poland, (London, 2009)

Adult Fiction:

Adams, Douglas, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, sequel to Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, (London, 1980)

Beard, Richard, Lazarus is Dead, (London, 2011)

Bradbury, Ray, ‘A Sound of Thunder’, Colliers, (USA, 1952)

Greene, Graham, The End of the Affair, (London, 1951)

Hesse, Hermann, Steppenwolf, (Frankfurt, 1929)

Lawrence, D. H. Lady Chatterly’s Lover, (London, 1928) and A Propos of Lady Chatterly’s Lover (London, 1930), as found in the edition London, 2006

Sartre, John Paul, Nausea, (Paris, 1938 and London, 1963)

Sartre, John Paul, The Reprieve, (New York, 1972)

Tolstoy, Leo, The Death of Ivan Illych & Confession, translation of Peter Carson, (London, 2014)

Tolstoy, Leo, Family Happiness, a collection of stories, (New York, 2009)

Woolf, Virginia, Mrs. Dalloway, (London, 1925)

Children’s Fiction:

Burton , Virginia Lee, The Little House, (New York, 1942)

Flack, Marjorie and Wiese, Kurt, The Story About Ping, (New York, 1977)

Jeffers, Oliver, How to Catch a Star, (London, 2004)

Simmonds, Posy, Lulu and the Flying Babies, (London, 1991)


Szymborska, Wislawa, View with a Grain of Sand, (London, 1995)